Configure Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird configuration tutorial

Whilst you can access your email address via a website or web application it is always a good idea to use a desktop client to manage your emails. Thanks to Mozilla Foundation the email client Thunderbird is available for everyone free of charge. You can install Thunderbird on Windows, Mac and various Linux releases as well.

Configuring your email address is very easy with Thunderbird. After you install it, you will see the following screen on the first run and selecting the add exisiting account option:

As you can see we already added our email address, our full name and our password. So after putting in your credentials click on continue button. Your Thunderbird screen should show something like this:

As you can see Thundebird was able to identify our mailserver settings yet did not include the domain part of the email at the username section. To rectify this you need to click the Configure manually option - encircled with a blue marker.

On the next screen you need to make the adjustment of the username - both encircled in blue. In this case the username administrator had to be modified to When you make the necessary changes then click the Done button. The changes you need to make is shown the image below:

And that is all. After clicking the Done button Thunderbird is ready for use with your mail account.